OpenWRT embedded and
Full Stack

My name is Girish Venkatachalam. I am a programmer with over twenty years of experience. I have a vision to help people solve difficult problems in technology. For me technology is a host of creative tools used to make our lives easier and society better. I have worked for numerous clients across the globe solving complex problems in cryptography, blockchains, OpenWRT,embedded systems, multimedia with ffmpeg, and more.

My article on OpenSSH crypto which was a cover story in Linuxjounal is linked in wikipedia. Look for reference #4.

Some of my open source work is also quite popular.

  • OpenWRT embedded firmware Development

  • DAW HTML5 audio & ad insertion in podcast

  • Websockets based real time game

  • OpenVPN & IPsec VPN interop

  • OpenSSL toolkit and hardware signing module cryptography

  • Angular 7 surveymonkey clone with MongoDB & Express

  • Node.js based facebook integration

  • Perl Catalyst based DBIx work

  • Cross compiling H.264/VP9 for webrtc streaming for ARM platform

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